Booking an appointment

Please call the practice Monday to Friday on 0208 765 8525 in order to make a routine appointment with a GP, practice nurse or Health care assistant. We aim to offer routine appointments within a few days of you calling, although please be aware that it is not always possible to be seen by your preferred GP as our GP’s all work at varying times across the week, are sometimes ill or on holiday, and therefore may not be available on the day when you need to see them. We will however endeavor to try and accommodate requests for a particular GP where possible.

If you need to be seen urgently, please call at 8am in the morning. Following our recent patient survey and comments from all during consultations with doctors or nurses here, we have decided to increase the amount of appointments for urgent ailments. However, although we will always try and fit you in, there is a limit and so please do call as soon after 8am as possible to secure your appointment.

We also offer telephone consultations for when you feel that there is not a need to see a GP but where telephone advice may be appropriate. The space for these is limited, so please call at 9am on the day that you want the consultation and you will be offered an appointment between 12 and 1 that day.

There are some appointments which can be booked online. If you would like to access this service, then please
click here. Online booking

An appointment is for one person with one problem. If you have more than one problem you wish to discuss then please ask the receptionist for a double appointment. Where another family member needs a consultation, even for identical conditions, please make a separate appointment and please remember that children under 16 should be accompanied when they visit the surgery. Please be prompt for your appointment and be patient – we aim to run the surgery on time but there are delays will be due to an emergency or if a patient is particularly ill.

If you can't keep your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer it another patient. Patients who continuously fail to turn up for their appointments (e.g. more than 3 times) may be asked to find an alternative GP Practice.

Please remember to use your health service wisely. For instance, local pharmacies are often able to help with queries and minor illnesses saving both your time and surgery time. Accident and Emergency at your local hospital are under an increasing amount of stress are there for major injury or a life threatening condition. If you do attend accident and emergency you may have to wait a long time and additionally delay others who may have a greater need.

For any other emergencies, if it outside the hours that we are open, you should contact the NHS by dialling 111.