Supporting Vulnerable People During Covid-19

One Croydon

Many people are vulnerable during the corona virus outbreak. These people need extra support, for many people General Practice will be their first point of contact. To help the General Practice support these individuals and families this guidance outlines the groups of people who are vulnerable and the support which is available for them.

Vulnerable Groups:

  •  Shielded people; please see further details below.
    • People already known to social care; these people will be contacted by social care to ensure their needs are being met. This includes families known to children’s services. If they require urgent help they can contact:
    • People with a new need for which a safeguarding or social care referral would be appropriate; please refer as normal:
    •  People who need support but are not suitable for a social care referral; there is lots of support available via the voluntary sector in Croydon which has stepped up to provide support such as food delivery services and contact for those who are feeling isolated.