Diabetes and Coronavirus Sick Day Rules

Sick day rules: how to manage Type 2 Diabetes if you become unwell with coronavirus and what to do with your medication.

If you become unwell with coronavirus and require advice specifically for coronavirus please refer to the following websites:
  • Diabetes UK: click here
  • NHS: click here

This advice is intended for the following people with Type 2 diabetes:
1. People who take tablets and/or non-insulin injectable medication
2. People who take tablets, insulin and other injectable medications

Please ensure you have access to the following at all times, not just when you become unwell:

  • 1 month supply of all of your medicines
  • If you normally check your blood sugar levels at home, ensure you have access to a blood glucose meter with 1 month supply of test strips and lancets
  • If you have been advised to check ketones, please ensure you have access to a ketone testing system – either urine or blood.
Please read and follow these important NHS Guidelines click  here, on how to manage your Diabetes and your medication when you are unwell with coronavirus.


Published: Mar 1, 2021