Finance and Welfare

We understand that unfortunate circumstances can sometimes  impact our finances and welfare. We would like you to know that help and support is available. Please find key information and services on below, which could help you, your family, friends, neighbours, carers (or anyone) living in Croydon and with:

  • Welfare and Housing
  • Food Banks
  • Financial Support

Welfare  & Housing:

  • Croydon Council Gateway Service: free advice, support and help finding a place to stay if you are Homeless or facing housing difficulties:
    • Email:   (please provide a contact number in your email, so they will call you back).
If you are facing Homelessness, or are currently living on the streets, sofa-surfing, been kicked out or other challenging situations leaving you with no where to stay, please click here for help.

Food Banks:

Financial Support:

  • Government Advice and Help: on what to do if as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) :
    • Employed and unable to work, if you or someone you live with is ill, please click here
    • Employed, but cannot work because your employer has no work for you (on furlough). please click here
    • Unemployed  / lost your job, please click here 
    • Self-employed, please click here
    • Already getting benefits, please click here
    • Struggling due to the impact of Coronavirus, please click here