Mental Health and Wellbeing - Adults & Families

Key mental health and wellbeing support services, online information, advice and resources  (apps, audios and videos), primarily for adults (age 19+),  Includes essential support  during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

Support Services:

  • Shout: 24 hours crisis helpline for people requiring emotional and practical support during mental health and wellbeing:

Mental Health and Wellbeing Online Resources:

This section contains key online mental health and wellbeing resources:

  • Information and Advice
  • Apps, Audios and Courses

Information  and Advice:

  • NHS Live Well: advice, tips and tools to help you make the best choices about your health and wellbeing. Includes healthy eating, exercise, mental health, sleep, alcohol, smoking and sexual health:
  • NHS Only You: free advice, information and videos on mental and physical  wellbeing includes home exercise videos, recipes, dealing with smoking and alcohol:

Apps, Audios and Courses: