Patient Participation Group (PPG)

For many years Fairview has had a patient participation group. This group is important to the running of the surgery as it is one of the ways in which the views of the patients can be heard and be reflected in improvements to patient care. The group meets 4 to 6 times a year at different times to give the maximum chance that it is convenient to patients. We always welcome new members and signs are up in reception or patients can contact Claire by phoning the main practice number. We do try to get a spread of patients, although we do realise that patients have work and other commitments. Oundle Patient Participation Group

Fairview Medical Centre has around 7,000 patients, 49% female and 51% male.  The practice population is multi ethnic and there are many patients moving in and out of the area. At the end of February 2015 the patient participation group had 11 members.

Of the patient group 4 are male and 7 are female. In terms of ethnicity, 5 are white, 3 are Asian, 2 are Afro Caribbean and 1 is mixed race. The age distribution is as follows:

Age   Number
0 - 30   2
31 - 40   2
41 - 50   0
51 - 60   1
61 - 70   2
71 - 80   3
81 - 90   1
Total   11

Each year we carry out a practice survey. For 2013 - 2014 the PPG decided that the survey should focus on the overall patient experience, including access to appointments and the satisfaction with the service from receptionists and doctors. This survey was open via the website and by giving out questionnaires to a random sample of patients. There were 83 returned surveys and the survey results are available separately on the website. The survey was discussed with the patient participation group. The PPG recognised that the overall result showed that there was a high level of satisfaction with the surgery in general although there were some specific points which needed looking at.

As a result of the survey we have looked in the current year to increasing he number of urgent appointments and giving priority to urgent appointments to babies and the very sick. We have also carried out some refurbishment, replacing some furniture and putting in new flooring, so we can enhance the patient experience.